Reading Links

Vocabulary Links

quizlet – This is a vocabulary building site. Students can work on already prepared lists for their grade level and play matching games.

spelling city – This is a site for working on spelling with many different lists available.

Online Reading / Listening sites

Get Epic! – This is a wonderful site with free books for students to read online and to listen to many audiobooks.

Read Theory – This is an amazing new site that allows students to practice reading comprehension, and gives them points on what they know and how well they read. It can also show their reading level as they continue through it.

Actively Learn – This is an online reading site where kids can read articles and answer questions as they read.

Read Works – Place for kids to read articles!

Starfall – Website for newer readers who need phonics instruction/help

Compass Reading – Students can log in to their Compass account by clicking this link! (username: 6 numbers, password: abc, school: lincolncsd)